Introduction to Tarot With Blue Firth

Sat 26th Oct 2019

11am - 4pm 

£50 per person

This is a 4 hour workshop with Nottingham based artist and designer Blue Firth

£50 per person 
Price includes a light lunch and refreshments

Over four hours, we will discuss the origins of the tradition, its archetypes and how it to can be used in modern life to enlighten and empower. Aimed at anyone new to the tarot and for those who wish to start a practice. We will work in groups and individually, looking at various spreads, rituals and meditations. Please bring a pencil or pen, along with a tarot deck. A Pamphlet with step to step information and space for notes will be provided.

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Chapel on the Green, Glasbury, Powys, Wales HR3 5LJ

Tel: 01497 - 842915