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"​It was or it was not"

Ester Svensson


Jim Pilston

28th November


 21st December 2019


A two person exhibition by Ester Svennson and Jim Pilston the explore a shared love of folk stories, folklore and fairytales.

Ester Svensson Ali is a swedish ceramic artist, born in Pakistan. The diverse landscapes and cultures she has lived in and journeyed through influence much of her practice. Recurring themes are migration, travelling, displacement, and how all this affects ones identity and sense

of belonging. 

An interest in drawing and storytelling led her to initially study illustration, but she moved on to ceramics, which she has continued studying, working with and educating others in.

In this body of work Ester has taken imagery and inspiration from folk stories and fairy tales, both from Sweden (where she is currently based) and further afield. Focussing on movement, travels and transformations, she looks for parallels that can be drawn to the situation in the world today. 

Jim Pilston in a British based artist who has a background in Theatre Design and Illustration, who is influenced  by British  folklore and lendend - both local and Eureopean. The source  materiel he draws vary greatly but the stories, pictures, films and children’s television of his 1970s Cotswold childhood are never far away.

Using papier-mache and mixed media, Jim works very instinctive, using recycled materials   

almost entirely sourced within a mile or two of my home. They are found materials that are repurposed and reused. 

The title of the exhibition "It was or it was not"  is the way arabic folk stories begin, instead of  traditional English translation of "Once upon a time"

Private view: Thursday 28th Nov

6 - 8pm


The exhibition is open to the public on Saturdays, from 11 - 4, or otherwise, by appointment.

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