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Esther Teichmann, from the series Mythologies

Birds that eat Purple Flowers

Summer Exhibition

28th July - 15th Septemeber

Esther Teichmann, from the series Mythologies

Private view: Saturday 21 July, 6 - 8pm


The exhibition is open to the public on Saturdays, from 11 - 5, or otherwise, by appointment.

A collection of contemporary artworks that deal with landscape and fantasy are presented in relation to a large mural, painted by Simon Foxall, commissioned on the occasion of the inaugural exhibition at The Chapel on The Green. 


Artworks by: 

Susan Adams

Savinder Baul

Julia Crabtree & William Evans

Imogen Cripps                         

Blue Firth

Simon Foxall               

Matthew-Robert Hughes

Iwan Lewis

Oliver Mcconnie

Sarah Putt

Esther Tiechmann

with a text by Sarah Boulton


The world of stone umbrellas that are not portable, but portals, repeats itself in an image each time it rains, like the palm of an open hand moving up and down in the presence of somebody it half knows


In the portals are shells so that the rain can hear the sea still, and in the giant shells are birds that eat purple flowers.

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