During exhibition opening hours, we offer a wonderful selection of teas, coffee and homemade cakes. 

We want the Chapel to be a welcoming location for visitors to relax and enjoy our programme of exhibitions; by providing time and space to reflect and chat over a good brew and slice of cake.


The Last Supper is a community table working with local chefs, home cooks, gardeners, bakers, and makers who all love to cook. Its signature features are concepts of nourishment, warmth, taste above style and a play on the idea of meal in the Chapel. The Last supper is held on the last Friday of every Month.  


The Last Supper will aim to provide dining experiences that engage with our seasonal programme of exhibitions and events.


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The Last Supper
 The Last Supper

Being playful with the ideas of a last supper, we invite you to bring gratitude, community spirit and a willingness to relax and enjoy the moment.  


We use locally sourced seasonal produce. whether from local farms or from the neighbor’s garden and our own garden patch.

Chapel on the Green, Glasbury, Powys, Wales HR3 5LJ

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